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Driving School Nottingham :
So which driving school in Nottingham are you going to choose and why?
We think we are the best driving school in Nottingham, and we will prove it you with a lot of help - right now.

Can You Save Almost £1000 on learning to drive?

Yes you did read that right, can we help you save almost a £1000 on passing your driving test and getting your licence? There are many schools offering cheap driving lessons in Nottingham, but while you might be able to save £2 an hour, and hmm get a £50 off deal, it goes no where near the potential of saving £1000. Even driving instructors in Nottingham  do not like us sharing this with you.

There are 3 areas where you can save a load of money.

1. When do you take driving lessons and for how long?
2. Not using Private Practice
3. Knowing how to pass first time.

Lets deal with passing first time shall we?
A lot of learner drivers taking driving lessons in Nottingham will ask the driving school "what is your pass rate" it is a normal question to ask, but what should be said is "how are you going to help me pass first time?"

What you need to do is to  understand what it takes to pass and then implement those rules into your learning right from the very first driving lesson, so that is what we are going to do now. http://searchfordrivinglessons.co.uk/

The driving examiner is looking for you to be a safe driver but just what does it take to be safe? A lot of learners will say its abut not crashing, not going through red lights etc and while they are right it does not sum up everything, this is what you need to know.

1. You need to be in control of the car at all times, so that will mean not crashing, no stalling, no cruising etc.
2. You gave got to follow the Highway Code, so that covers loads of things including going through red lights.
3. But you also need to be able to spot potential hazards and avoid them or totally eliminate them. These hazards can come from all directions, so its going to include mirror work.
4. You need to get in the car and have the desire to be a safe driver, racing off from the lights, even if you do not go over the speed limit is hmmm "interesting" - best avoid doing that!

So you have these 4 steps, what if you used them on every aspect of learning to drive? RIGHT FROM THE VERT FIRST LESSON what if you did that, what would happen? Well you are going to be one great driver that is for sure. It also means you do not need to take luck into your driving test because you know how to handle everything. That's what you have got to do to pass first time.

How do you know if you are ready?
Thats a really good question and one you need to know the answer to, asking your driving instructor in Nottingham for the answer almost defeats the point - right?
We have three very simple steps.

1. you will have passed the learning to drive syllabus and on every section your performance will be recorded as being able to do the task without any support, we call it being independent. Therefore if all of your syllabus has been completed as independent it means you are safe, you can pass the test.

2. We also want to put you through a mock driving test and you are going to pass it.

3. In the weeks in the run up to your test your driving lessons in Nottingham will be a doddle. You will be making the instructor pretty much useless, you will not need them.

Do all three of these and you know you are going to pass.
If you fail your driving test it will cost you in the region of £300, that is to include a new test, hiring the car on the day, remedial lessons, and lessons to make sure you are still on top form before going into the next test.
If you do what we say, you ought to pass first time.

Structuring Your Lessons to Save £300

Even the best driving schools in Nottingham do not want you knowing about this "hack" especially those offering cheap driving lessons in Nottingham.
The best way to explain this is in an example.

Becky and Sarah are both going to buy 10 hours of driving lessons. Becky will take one hour a week for 10 weeks, and Sarah will make her lessons last 2 hours and have a lesson every 3 or 4 days. Perhaps one in the week and one in the weekend.
After 10 hours who has learned the most?

Of course it is the person who has condensed her lessons, she is learning more on each lesson and remembers more in between lessons. Becky, taking one hour a week will have to go through a length recap on each lesson, that could be as long at 15 to 20 minutes. So for every 4 hours of lessons she is paying for, one of those lessons is wasted simply due to not remembering.

Training for anything is difficult when you leave long gaps, but with shorter gaps you learn so much quicker.
The DVSA state the average learner driver needs 47 hours of professional driving tuition, if you are doing one hour a weeks that is almost a years worth of lessons.
So what if a quarter of them are being wasted, how much money are you potentially wasting? We think it could be as mush as £300.

All you need to do for cheap driving lessons in Nottingham is to take regular lessons. Simple.

Saving another £300 to £400

Back to the DVSA again who also state the average person takes 20 hours of private practice.  For example the family car is insured so the learner can drive it. Insurance premiums will vary and it will depend on where you live, the type of car etc, and you can easily pay £20 to £25 a week. Then you need to add on fuel and say that the total comes to £30 a week. Not a lot is it, but imagine that for 3 months - Thats £400 right there.

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