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The Best Cheap Driving School Nottingham?

Which Driving School in Nottingham is the best for you?

Has any other driving school website show you have to save over £500 on getting your driving licence? Have they demonstrated how you can pass your driving test first time? Is there any driving school telling you what question you should be asking to discover if they are the right driving school for you? Today we give you all of the answers



Can You Save Almost £500 on learning to drive?

How To save Over £500
Many learner drivers will be looking to take cheap driving lessons in Nottingham and it is possible for you to perhaps save £50 by looking for a driving school that is a little cheaper, but we are going to show you how to save over £500 right this very moment.

Driving lessons are organized by the government department the DVSA and they state that the average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47 and that you will also require 20 hours of tuition with a friends or family.
The main issue with these statistics is that it includes all types of drivers, such as those who only take just one hour a week.

If you did one hour driving lessons and had one lesson a week how much would you remember the following week? What will happen is this, you get in the car, greet each other, discuss what you did last week, set some objectives for this week and practice what you did last week, you are already 15 minutes into your lesson because you need to recap so much.
Therefore if you take 4 hours of lessons over the next 4 weeks, you have lost 1 hour due to the recap, if you did this over 47 hours you are having around 12 hours too many. That is around £300 over spent.

We recommend you only start learning to drive once you have the money and this is our suggestion. Make sure your driving lessons are 2 hours in length, this means you will do more learning. Make sure to take 2 lessons a week, this will stop you from forgetting what you had previously learned. Not only will this method help you save the estimated £300 already mentioned; but you will not need to have private lessons with friends and family.

To insure a car as a learner driver so you can learn with friends and family the cost will be around £25 per week, plus you have to pay for fuel, so lets say £5 a week. If you did this for 3 months (13 weeks) you are paying close to £400. But with our method of teaching you do not need this extra cost.

We stated you can save over £500, but actually the amount is closer to £700

Cheap Driving Instructors in Nottingham

How To Pass First Time

Ok so we have already demonstrated how you can save around £700 now we are going to show you how to save another £300 by passing your driving test at the first attempt. That will take your savings on learning to drive and pass your driving test to £1000, it is a lot of money and no other driving school is teaching you this.

When you start learning to drive you are shown a skill and then taught how to do that skill, for example reversing around a corner, but on your driving test it is all about not what you can do, but how you do it.

We are going to make sure that on every skill you will obey the Highway Code, have your car under control, be spotting hazards and wanting to drive like a safe driver. Now when you go to the driving test all of these factors will be automatic for you, and you will have a great chance of passing.

Now before you go to the driving test you need to know if you are prepared and confident, so this is what we do. Right from the first driving lesson you would have been given a progress report card which details all the skills you need to learn and to the standard you are at. You must be at an independent standard.
Then you must pass a mock driving test and finally you need to be driving without the support of your driving instructor. At this point you know you are prepared and you also have the confidence.

That is how you pass your driving test at the first attempt.
You have been taught how to driver safely.
You are driving like a natural and you are confident.



Cheap Driving Schools in Nottingham

Questions To Ask

We would love for you to phone our driving school but we understand you may want to speak with others first, so here are a few notes and questions for you to consider asking.

1. The driving instructor may not be fully qualified, in fact the driving instructor could be a trainee. This is not to say the trainee is bad, but do they have the experience to help you? Are you paying a fair price?
In the windscreen of the car the driving instructor will have a badge, pink badges are for trainees and green badges are for fully qualified driving instructors.

2. Every driving instructor receives a grade of either A, B or fail. Make sure to ask their grade, when they were last tested and what training courses have they taken since their test to maintain and improve their skills. Some instructors will always have a Grade B and will never be interested in improving their performance, while other instructors regardless of their grade are always trying to improve.

3. If the driving school is offering a special deal ask if there are any conditions to the promotion. You will usually find that cheap driving lessons have a clause where not all of the lessons you pay for are available to you straight away.

Save £500 On Your Cheap Driving Lessons In Nottingham

Who is the best driving school?

Of course we think we are the best driving school for you to choose and we hope our advice has demonstrated that, but you can also take extra steps.

1. Speak to 5 different driving schools
2. Ask the questions we stated above
3. Select 2 driving schools you like
4. Take a lesson with both schools
5. Then either proceed with one or both schools



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